Exhibition – Piece’d – Block’d

30 Contemporary Quilts From Once-Blocked and Still-Blocked Nations

The Corea Quilt Associates and the Patchwork Gilde Deutschland e.V. have agreed on a joint exhibition with the theme “Blocks” in summer 2018. It wasn’t only about quilt blocks, as one might assume with quilters, but also about political blocks, since Korea is still a country divided by political blocks, while Germany suffered this division, but has overcome it since 1990.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we want to present an exhibition that focuses on these political blocs. Partly with modern quilts, partly with traditional works. In any case, the personal emotions and experiences of division, of attempts at rapprochement, of ceasefire agreements, of reunification, of the Singapore summit, of post-reunification problems, and of the wounds that division has left on some, should be presented in the works.

From South Korea and Germany, 15 leading quilters were each invited to implement this political theme in textiles. The aim is to put together a top-class exhibition that takes a stand on the history of Germany and at the same time draws attention to the situation in Korea.
The quilts of the German artists are 90×90 cm large (following 1990, the year of reunification), those from Korea are between 80×80 cm and 120×120 cm large, because the year of reunification has not yet been determined.

The Artists

From Korea

Miyoung Kwon, Kyung Joo Kim, Jungmi Kim, Hyuna Kim, Hye Sook Kim, Young Park, Sung Hye Byun, Jae Ran Song, Kayoung Ahn, Song Eun An, Jae Young Eom, Young Sil Oh, Hung Sook Jang, Eun Young Choi, Mi Kyung Hyun

From Germany

Claudia Pfeil, Uta Lenk, Annemarie Zoller-Sicker, Urte Hanke, Monika Flake, Britta Ankenbauer, Erica Waaser, Gabriele Bach, Erika Beetz, Heidi Drahota, Elke Klein, Christine Bünning, Gabriele Fischer, Karin Fürer, Annette Tatchen

The image rights are with the individual artists, images used by kind permission.