Classes – Pat Archibald – Ghost Images of the Orient, Leaves in Lutradur & Elephants On Parade

Pat Archibald

As a textile artist, the process of turning life experiences, travels and worldwide adventures into textile wall pieces provides an exciting challenge in terms of colour, design and workmanship.

My design process involves extensive and thorough research and I approach it with passion and enthusiasm. The main theme of each piece I express in the colours, layering and piecing of the fabrics. Related ideas I then superimpose in the stitching and quilting process. Working in layers offers many opportunities to play with subtle nuances of meaning related to the topic. The outcome is an evocative and atmospheric response to the original remit or personal experience.

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Ghost Images of the Orient: A One-Day Class

Many of Pat’s quilts feature ‘ghosts’: translucent images of people or boats. Learn in easy stages how to create by machine a translucent image of a Dhow sailing away into the setting sun using layers of nets and sheers and foils. As well as her ‘ghost images’ technique, Pat will cover various stitching techniques as well as gilding and foiling in this workshop. Pat will also guide students on how to develop their own ‘ghosts’ in order to develop the technique afterwards. A kit is supplied for a small fee for this class with a choice of background colour. This workshop is suitable for students who are comfortable with machine sewing. A Requirements List will be supplied. Students will be very close to being finished by the end of the workshop. Workshop based on ‘The Journey’ ©Pat Archibald.

Leaves in Lutradur: A One-Day Class

Learn how to achieve painterly effects with Lutradur (a spunbonded textile) in easily achievable stages. In the class we will work on producing a small, leaf-themed, quilted piece. We will discuss very simple aspects of colour theory and then paint sheets of fine Lutradur and from these cut a series of organic leaf shapes that can then be incorporated into your project. Pat will discuss composition, gilding and foiling, and a variety of stitching techniques. Once learnt, these techniques can then be transferred and applied to figures and other complex shapes. A partial kit will be supplied at a small fee for this workshop. No artistic talent required! Students should have basic sewing machine skills. A Requirements List will be supplied. Students will be very close to having a completed item at the end of the workshop. (Lutradur figures have been used in several of Pat’s Indian Series.)

Elephants On Parade: A Half-Day Class

Using my collection of Indian wooden printing blocks and inks, you will print fabrics to then be used for your elephant appliqué design. We will continue to embellish these ceremonial elephants with machine stitching, gold foils, beads and sequins, completing the project with Rajasthani tassels. A kit will be supplied for this class at a cost of € 15 containing everything that you will need. A Requirements List will be supplied in advance of the workshop. Students will be very close to finishing at the end of the session.

All images ©Pat Archibald, used with kind permission of the artist.