Marina Jodda – Discover Sashiko!

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Participants: 15
  • Difficulty: Beginners

Sashiko – a traditional handcraft from Japan. This technique is also versatile in patchwork. We deal with the stitch itself, transferring the pattern, the choice of material and the design possibilities. Placemats, wall hangings, greeting cards, bags… let’s get inspired!

No special previous knowledge is required for learning this technique.

Materials List:

We will neet these materials for recording of the patterns and further exercises:

  • Small cutting mat
  • Quilting ruler, 10 x 45 cm or 30 x 15 cm; rulers with inch divisions also work
  • Marker pen or crayon, for light and dark fabrics
  • 3 to 4 pieces of fabric approx. 25 x 25 cm. Cotton, plain or also a piece of jeans. The fabrics do not have to be new, but of good quality
  • Scissors (not too big) for cutting the Sashiko thread
  • A few pages of checkered paper A4, writing material for notes, 4-coloured pencils/coloured pencils

➔ A selection of suitable templates is available, Sashiko yarn and needles can be purchased on site.

Class Fee: € 55

The class fee also includes the admision fee for the day of the class!

  • Class Title: Discover Sashiko!
  • Class ID: MJO-SA

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All images ©Marina Jodda, used with kind permission of the artist.