Pat Archibald – Ghost Images of the Orient

  • Duration: 7 hours (1 hour lunch break)
  • Participants: 20
  • Difficulty: intermediate/advanced

Many of Pat’s quilts feature ‘ghosts’: translucent images of people or boats. Learn in easy stages how to create by machine a translucent image of a Dhow sailing away into the setting sun using layers of nets and sheers and foils. As well as her ‘ghost images’ technique, Pat will cover various stitching techniques as well as gilding and foiling in this workshop. Pat will also guide students on how to develop their own ‘ghosts’ in order to develop the technique afterwards.

Pat will supply a choice of kit containing fabric, backing, batting, nets, sheers and foils for € 19 per kit.

This workshop is suitable for students who are comfortable with machine sewing. Students will be very close to being finished by the end of the workshop.

The workshop is based on ‘The Journey’ ©Pat Archibald.

Requirements List:

  • Black machine thread
  • Invisible thread (good quality, e.g. YLI or Madeira)
  • 505 Basting Spray
  • Scissors for paper and fabric
  • Small sharp scissors or applique scissors if you have them
  • Pencil/marking pencils/chalk (a white Chacoliner is what I use)
  • Machine quilting threads in gold/silver/copper metallic thread
  • Machine thread in a colour to tone with your fabric e.g. a rayon machine embroidery thread would work well
  • Sewing machine and extension lead, instruction book and attachments
  • All-purpose foot for your machine
  • Walking foot
  • Darning foot/free motion embroidery foot if you have one
  • Cording foot if you have one – don’t purchase especially
  • Quilting/Jeans stitch needles No 10 or 12 and Metallica needles No 14 for metallic threads
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
  • Baking parchment
  • Plastic bag for trimmings

ClassFee: € 130

The class fee includes admission for the day of the class!

  • Class Title: Ghost Images of the Orient
  • Class ID: PAR-GB

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All images ©Pat Archibald, used with kind permission of the artist.