Exhibition – Annette Valtl – Textile Art


Spannungen, 90 x 140 cm

Memento Mori, 70 x 100 cm

Annette in her studio in Remscheid
Multilokalität, 140 x 90 cm

Annette Valtl has contracted the quilt virus in 1995 and has been running her quilting studio Quilt Station in Remscheid, Germany, since 2005.

Here’s a place for a passionate world made of fabric.
Two longarm quilt machines, collections of materials and fabric and lots of room for exhibitions provide the space for implementing many textile interpretations.

It all started 1995 with a Log Cabin class at a family education site. During a three-year stay in the United States, Annette really caught fire and brought back a longarm quilt machine  to Germany in 2004.

Ever since, she has transposed her own creations in fabric and has quilted for her customers. In addition, the studio provides ample space for machine quilting classes.

Annette is continuously taking classes with renowned world-class artist and combines her skills with her “learning-by-doing” approach to make this the core of bringing her ideas to life. She presents her work in many solo and group exhibitions to a wide audience.

In recent times, Annette enjoys experimenting with fabric and the third dimension.

She gets her inspiration from nature, architecture, art, literature, when travelling, or when meeting other people.


Exhibition – Elfriede Grooten – Art Quilts

No Time, New Beginning

Lipstick, 205 x 200 cm

Lipstick (detail)
During a city trip to Berlin, I became impressed by the ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche. May we never forget the history. The impressive blue glass in the tower along with the light entering from outside was the inspiration for this quilt. It is also called “Lipstick and Powder Box”.


New Beginning, 110 x 110 cm

New Beginning (detail)
Every spring, the queen bee leaves the hive with some of her worker bees, to find a new home and to create a new hive. This is called swarming. I created this event on fabric I dyed myself, with handmade bees.


No time, 100 x 135 cm

No time (detail)
Lots of people, lots of traffic, every day and every night, faster and faster, that is today’s life.


Elfriede Grooten

Elfriede Grooten is a quilter and florist from the Netherlands.

It seems like I’ve always had a creative vein. Quite early on in my youth I discovered that I liked everything that had to do with nature and fabric.

In my thoughts I can still see myself standing next to my grandmother’s sewing cabinet. I was always allowed to help her with threading the needle. “You still have young eyes,” she said. The cabinet’s contents always fascinated me. I still remember a tangle of wool with different threads. Once in a while I sorted everything and granny was happy again.

My love of nature made me learn the profession of a florist. During my work, I am always imersed in colours and I have developed a good feeling for them. I like to apply this in my work with textiles.

This fascination for fabric has never diminished. I still love to be creative. I can really enjoy my fabrics and sometimes I find them too beautiful to use. Only recently I dyed a whole series of fabrics. Then there is a pile of beautifully coloured cotton patches, which makes me very happy. I don’t think I’m the only one in quiltland. But I also enjoy making quilts. My biggest challenge is creating exciting colour compositions. I think the choice of colour can make or break a quilt.


Exhibition – Jacqueline Heinz – Art Quilts

“Formed by Fire and Ice” – Falling in LOVE With ICELAND

Black Ice, 2018, 80 x 70 cm

Jacqueline in her studio in Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Black Ice (detail), 2018, 80 x 70 cm

Jacqueline Heinz has been a quilter for 30 years.

Her passion are the natural structures that cover the quilt surfaces – undisturbed by seams – in flowing forms.

Nature proves to be the source of her inspirations – the secluded landscape of the dunes and beaches of the tidelands or the jagged world of mountains and glaciers of the Swiss alps.

Her newest works are a testimony of her love of the spectacular and manifold landscape of Iceland – an island formed in millions of years by fire and ice.

Besides these new works, Jacqueline will also show us some highlights of her quilt collection.