Ellen Remijnse

Ever since I was a little girl, designing has been my passion. I started quilting in 1995, at the age of 10, when I saw my mother working on her first sampler quilt at a beginners course. The fabrics, the patterns, … I just loved everything about it! She let me help her cutting and pinning the fabrics. One thing lead to another and that same year I designed and finished my first quilt.

​Ten years later, when I was studying history at the University of Antwerp, I started my own little company, called Ellie’s Quiltplace, and sold the patterns of my designs. The initial idea was to get some extra income (as you know, life as a student is not easy), but over the years it has turned into a well known pattern company. Let’s say a hobby gone wild :o)

​In 2015 we (my husband Philippe and I) came up with the ‘crazy’ idea of creating our own fabric collections. At this moment, our collections are available in Europe, the USA and Australia via a network of distributors. And the next collections are on their way!

I’m happy to share our creative journey with you and I hope that you enjoy my classes!

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All images ©Ellen Remijnse, used by kind permission of the artist.