Exhibition – LIMERIA Textilkunst-Hamburg

Textile Dialogues

Textile Dialogue

Textile Dialogue (detail)

Textile Dialogues 2 (collage of all works)

Textile Dialogue 2 (Sylvie Linz and Monika Kirk, from left)

LIMERIA Textilkunst-Hamburg: Dr. Monika Kirk, Sylvie Linz, Ilka Rave, Mari-Carmen Pujante, Susanne Kolditz and Maria Drachsel (from left to right)

LIMERIA Textilkunst-Hamburg is a group of six textile artists who work together since 2008: Ilka Rave, Maria Drachsel, Mari-Carmen Pujante, Dr. Monika Kirk, Susanne Kolditz and Sylvie Linz.

We are on our way to textile art. Our goal is to inspire other groups in an artistic way. As a group we work together and at the same time support each other to further develop our individual styles.

The exhibition “Textile Dialogues” presents two projects:

The first project shows miniatures which are characterized both by their colour-splendour as well as by their great diversity in techniques and styles. They are the result of a challenge. Each artist could only work with the fabrics provided by the other members to create her own set of miniatures.

The second project presents contemporary and art quilts in colourful and diverse styles. Here, each member created a small work according to a theme given by each artist. The particular challenge was to create a complete work of art out of eight individual pieces.


All images not specifically marked are used with kind permission of the artists.