Exhibition – Annette Valtl – Textile Art


Spannungen, 90 x 140 cm

Memento Mori, 70 x 100 cm

Annette in her studio in Remscheid
Multilokalität, 140 x 90 cm

Annette Valtl has contracted the quilt virus in 1995 and has been running her quilting studio Quilt Station in Remscheid, Germany, since 2005.

Here’s a place for a passionate world made of fabric.
Two longarm quilt machines, collections of materials and fabric and lots of room for exhibitions provide the space for implementing many textile interpretations.

It all started 1995 with a Log Cabin class at a family education site. During a three-year stay in the United States, Annette really caught fire and brought back a longarm quilt machine  to Germany in 2004.

Ever since, she has transposed her own creations in fabric and has quilted for her customers. In addition, the studio provides ample space for machine quilting classes.

Annette is continuously taking classes with renowned world-class artist and combines her skills with her “learning-by-doing” approach to make this the core of bringing her ideas to life. She presents her work in many solo and group exhibitions to a wide audience.

In recent times, Annette enjoys experimenting with fabric and the third dimension.

She gets her inspiration from nature, architecture, art, literature, when travelling, or when meeting other people.


All images ©Annette Valtl, used with kind permission of the artist.