Exhibition – Jacqueline Heinz – Art Quilts

“Formed by Fire and Ice” – Falling in LOVE With ICELAND

Black Ice, 2018, 80 x 70 cm

Jacqueline in her studio in Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Black Ice (detail), 2018, 80 x 70 cm

Jacqueline Heinz has been a quilter for 30 years.

Her passion are the natural structures that cover the quilt surfaces – undisturbed by seams – in flowing forms.

Nature proves to be the source of her inspirations – the secluded landscape of the dunes and beaches of the tidelands or the jagged world of mountains and glaciers of the Swiss alps.

Her newest works are a testimony of her love of the spectacular and manifold landscape of Iceland – an island formed in millions of years by fire and ice.

Besides these new works, Jacqueline will also show us some highlights of her quilt collection.


All images ©Jacqueline Heinz, used with kind permission of the artist.