Paula Nadelstern: SUNSTAR© – Kaleidoscope (2-day class)

  • Duration: 2 days, from 9 to 4 pm (1 hour lunchbreak)
  • Participants: 20
  • Difficulty: intermediate/advanced

Students learn all of the unique machine piecing and template techniques I use to create complex kaleidoscopic images while simultaneously exploring the virtues of bilaterally symmetrical fabric. You’ll learn to draft perfect angles and to identify and join different angles together. This product and process class culminates in the creation of a unique and fabulous kaleidoscope block. Often, effects more wonderful than you imagine occur, making you both the one who makes the magic and the one who is surprised.

Please note that all images show student work from the classes!

Material Package:

Please note that Grit’s Life will provide a material package for this class. Since the price for the package hasn’t been determined yet, Grit will contact the participants by e-mail until the beginning of January. You can then purchase the package at special conditions.

ClassFee: € 240

The class fee includes admission for the days of the class!

  • Class Title: SUNSTAR© – Kaleidoskop
  • Class ID: PNA-SS

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All images ©Paula Nadelstern, used with kind permission of the artist.