Birgit Schüller: Bubble Ballet

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Participants: 9 (6 standup machines, 3 sitdown machines; 1 person per machine)
  • Difficulty: intermediate/advanced

Let’s dance with dots!

The circles are pre-printed on the panel (see below for color variants), you’ll work with the thread package matching your color option and quilt the colored areas according to your own ideas – individually and having fun playing with colors and shapes!

Material Package

  • The material package is part of this class and must be purchased in class for € 48.
  • Contents of the material package:
    • A high-quality thread package with seven colors
    • Ein bedrucktes Bubble Ballet-Panel (Größe ca. 1m x 1m)  in der ausgewählten Farbvariante

Color Variants:

Yellow-Orange-Red Yellow-Orange-Red
Blue-Green Blue-Green
Peach Peach
Purple Purple
Rainbow Rainbow


You’ll be selecting your color variant when booking your class.

This class is offered three times!

Material List:

  • Water-soluble marking pen and/or chalk pen
  • Scissors
  • Notepad + pencil for doodling

The classroom is equipped with six standup and three sitdown machines. When registering, please specify, which type of machine you’d prefer (note that there is no guarantee for a specific type of machine, however).

Class Fee: € 90

The class fee includes the admission fee to the show for the day of the class!

  • Class Title: Bubble Ballet
  • Class ID: BSC-BB1/BSC-BB2/BSC-BB3

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All images ©Birgit Schüller, used with kind permission of the artist.