Isabelle Wiessler: Inspired by Tree Bark

  • Duration: 7 hours (1 hour lunch break)
  • Number of participants 15
  • Level of difficulty: beginner/advanced

Based on the structure of tree bark, we will create two small works and learn how to work with materials such as acrylic felt, Lutradur and painted Vliesofix. These materials will be painted, laid on top of each other, freely embroidered with the machine and melted into a “tree bark shape” with the heat gun. Of course, you can use what you have learned later for many other works – whether real or abstract.

No special previous knowledge is required for this course.

Materials Package

The materials package can be purchased on site at a cost of €8 and includes:

  • Acrylic felt
  • Lutradur
  • Vliesofix
  • Chiffon cloth
  • Acrylic paint
  • Machine embroidery threads (for sharing)

Materials List:

  • Sewing machine with normal presser foot and a quilting or embroidery foot
  • Iron (one for every three participants)
  • Ironing board with old towel or tea towel (one for every three participants)
  • Extension cord with multiple plugs
  • 3-4 self-dyed cotton or linen fabrics or faux plain (for background, approx. 20 x 30 cm)
  • 30 cm double-side adhesive interfacing (Vliesofix, Misty Fuse, etc.)
  • Some chiffon cloth – 100 % nylon, very thin (see materials package)
  • Machine needles for machine embroidery
  • Machine embroidery thread (see materials package)
  • Sewing thread for the bobbin
  • Paper and fabric scissors
  • Cup for water and plate/colour palette
  • A thicker flat brush
  • Plastic gloves and apron if necessary
  • Some old newspaper, plastic wrap, 1 piece of baking paper
  • Pins (preferably with glass or metal heads)
  • Heat gun
  • Cork board of at least 20 x 30 cm and at least 1 cm thick (if available)

All materials brought along and coloured should be tree bark colours (brown, beige, grey, green).

Class Fee: € 130

The class fee includes the admission fee to the show for the day of the class!

  • Class Name: Inspired by Tree Bark
  • Class ID: IWI-IB

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All images ©Isabelle Wiessler, used with kind permission of the artist.